About us

actinGreen brings together sustainability education and theatre pedagogy. We are inspired by the vision of a thriving, sustainable world, which enables all humans to live meaningfully and well. To contribute in building this world we design empowering learning spaces for and with people of different ages in diverse contexts. While addressing manifold social and ecological issues of our time we invite participants into a creative collective process of perceiving, reflecting, questioning and changing ourselves and our societal settings.

We explore our inner and outer worlds not by solely working with our heads, but by using our bodies, voices, hearts and all senses in a playful and creative way. Theatre serves us in doing so not in a traditional way, but as a political tool for self empowerment. Based on Augusto Boal‘s theatre pedagogy called „Theatre of the Oppressed“ we design participative processes (e.g. workshops) that encourage participants to approach and experience the topic at hand holistically and in an embodied way. Theatre methods allow us to understand and express things differently than we usually do. They help us in building stronger connections to ourselves, each other and the world we live in. They support us in accessing our emotions. And - they are heaps of fun. By working in this way we offer the possibility to experience the presence with all its challenges as alterable and ourselves as real actors in the world.

actinGreen was founded in 2012 as a nonprofit organisation by several environmental educators. During the first years we explored, driven by our own curiosity, this field „learning by doing“. We set up projects and workshops dealing with different topics of our interest like food waste, urban space, social justice,... Over time our work of introducing theatre pedagogy into education for sustainable development (which is, on a side note, neither new nor unique, but has a traceable history and internationally many other proponents) was recognised by other activists, organisations and actors in the field. During the past years we were invited to give workshops and trainings in different settings like conferences, small festivals, educational institutions,... We also got the chance to publish a brochure on using theatre methods for exploring the theme of biodiversity.

Based on several years of working with theatre methods we offer workshops (from 1h to several days) for a diverse range of participants as well as trainings for educators and teachers who want to learn more about theatre work for sustainability. Are you curious to experience a theatre workshop on a topic that you are passionate about? Do you think your group, co-workers, clients or organisation would benefit from engaging in a creative process? We would love to hear from you! We develop our offers in dialogue with those interested, helping to find the right approach for your topic and audience.

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If you are intersted in joining one of our workshops, book a workshop for your target group, want to collaborate or simply get in touch with us - we are looking forward to hearing from you!